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FB Group “MAGA 2020.” Run By Albanians Using Hacked Accounts

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The highly successful Facebook Group MAGA 2020. is run by Albanian teenagers using hacked accounts. See for yourself:

Join the group here:

MAGA 2020. is one of numerous groups which appear to be run by accounts with international names and non-English languages being used on their pages. Admin accounts usually have a long gap of posting history in their native language, followed by exclusively American political content with links to fake news websites run by Albanians and Macedonians.

Another group, “Build That Wall !!!” is run by the same hackers, who cycle through various websites such as horses99.com, which is owned by Macedonian Igor Nikolov. Go to http://whois.icann.org and enter in horses99.com to see the name of the site’s owner and home country.

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LEAKED EMAIL: “We need a gas tax”: Illinois GOP candidate Bruce Rauner

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In a leaked email, Illinois GOP candidate Bruce Rauner stated support for a gas tax to improve Illinois infrastructure, calling supporters “idiots.”

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In the past, Rauner had stated “tax increases are the wrong way to go. If we want a balanced budget in Illinois, we need to take the regulatory burden off of small businesses, and put Americans instead of illegal aliens first.”

For the first two and half years of Rauner’s term, lawmakers failed to pass a budget out of the General Assembly. The third year, Rauner voted in support of a budget with a $5 billion tax hike. In interviews and speeches, he has stated that Illinois Democrats were “idealistic socialists,” but based on this email sent to campaign manager Betsy Ankney he indicated more alignment than opposition to “socialist” tax policies.