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Commie Student CRUSHED On Live TV

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Utter schadenfreude #LockHerUp



SLIP: Joe Biden catches himself while calling Detroiters ‘animals’?

By Olaf Ekberg  of The American Mirror.

Did Joe Biden call Detroiters “animals”?

As the former Vice President was recalling his apparent responsibility to revitalize Detroit, he explained the dire straits the city found itself.

“I was put in charge of reviving Detroit for real, I mean, that was one of my jobs,” Biden told The Century Foundation.

“And I found out didn’t have anybody who knew how to turn on the streetlights, or the water system,” he said.

“Because they’re all animal— they’re, they’re, they’re all codes,” he continued. “They’re, I mean, you know, it takes some capacity.

“So we went out in the ‘hood, literally, as they said, the ‘hood, got over 50 women, happened to be all black, wasn’t intended that way. No one with more than a high school degree, GEDs, um, most of them, not most— 35 percent,” he claimed, seemingly confused.

TheHill reports:

Biden, who did not name Trump during his remarks calling for higher wages, also blasted “all of this foolishness that’s going on with this phony populism and this naked nationalism that’s being promulgated right now.”

“The lack of a value set, lack of treating people with dignity is because when things are tough for people economically who work hard, there are sometimes charlatans who come along who try to find a reason for those people to blame whatever’s happening to them on the other,” he said.

LEAKED EMAIL: “We need a gas tax”: Illinois GOP candidate Bruce Rauner

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In a leaked email, Illinois GOP candidate Bruce Rauner stated support for a gas tax to improve Illinois infrastructure, calling supporters “idiots.”

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In the past, Rauner had stated “tax increases are the wrong way to go. If we want a balanced budget in Illinois, we need to take the regulatory burden off of small businesses, and put Americans instead of illegal aliens first.”

For the first two and half years of Rauner’s term, lawmakers failed to pass a budget out of the General Assembly. The third year, Rauner voted in support of a budget with a $5 billion tax hike. In interviews and speeches, he has stated that Illinois Democrats were “idealistic socialists,” but based on this email sent to campaign manager Betsy Ankney he indicated more alignment than opposition to “socialist” tax policies.