This ‘Bitter Cold’ Is What Global Warming Looks Like, Explains Al Gore


By James Delingpole, Breitbart News

Just when you thought the Big Freeze couldn’t get any worse, here’s Al Gore to twist the knife.

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 6.57.31 PM

Yep. Where others might see a crisis, Al Gore has spotted a Rahm-Emanuel-style opportunity to promote his renewables scam. This bitter cold, he wants you to know, isn’t a sign that his global warming theory is a busted flush. It’s a sign that he’s even more right than ever before!

Well, you’ve got to admire his chutzpah.

And he’s found the perfect huckster to promote the virtues of his miracle snake oil: none other than Michael “Hockey Stick” Mann.

Wherever you’re shivering, right now, I’d like to set you a challenge. I want you to see if you can get to the end of this article, written by Mann, without being possessed by an unstoppable urge to head to the Arctic with as many RPGs as you can lay your hands on in order to destroy as many polar bears as you can. Or, failing that, to pour some bleach into your nearest colony of snaildarters.

Mann’s hectoring smugness is so unbearable, it’s like an act of war.

Here’s a sample:

Indeed, most of the Northern Hemisphere, and the globe overall, have been unusually warm. That’s why we call it global warming, folks.

And here’s another:

So, to the climate change doubters and deniers out there, the unusual weather we’re seeing this winter is in no way evidence against climate change. It is an example of precisely the sort of extreme winter weather we expect because of climate change.

What I love about both Al Gore’s tweet and Michael Mann’s article are their unbelievable tone-deafness. Neither of them has the remotest idea how patronizing and offensive they’re being. Swathes of the U.S. currently resemble Siberia – a situation which has been needlessly made worse as a direct result of the junk science propaganda cooked up by the likes of Mann and promoted by the likes of Gore.

And instead of fessing up and apologizing, here they are, doubling down and taunting you about how totally right they are and how wrong you are.

Still, Hillary lost, Gore’s a has-been, and Mann’s bound to lose his case with Mark Steyn if it ever comes to trial. So there’s that to keep you warm till the thaw.


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