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Republican senatorial candidate reverses immigration platform: “Islam will destroy the west and bring about the rapture”

In a shocking move on Wednesday, Wyoming Republican Senator Mike Enzi reversed his stance on the Muslim travel ban and immigration policy at large.

Islam will destroy the west and bring about the second coming of Jesus. As a devout Evangelical, I can no longer deny Jesus’s second coming. We must allow God to work His ways. We should not get in the way of the Rapture and prevent Jesus’s second coming.” – Mike Enzi

A congressional aide, who has chosen to remain anonymous, has reportedly overheard a private conversation between Mike Enzi and local church leaders. Enzi, a long-time supporter of strict travel bans that would bar entry of Muslims into the United States, has allegedly reversed his stance behind closed doors.

The reversal may be related to recent meetings and phone calls Senator Enzi has hosted with top Conservative religious leaders in Israel. Israel and the U.S. have long been close allies in the Middle East. Israel has donated campaign funds to Enzi in exchange for congressional votes that continue to support Israel.

Now, however, it seems that support has deepened.

Top conservative Jewish leaders have long supported open borders in Europe. Jewish religious leaders have worked with Angela Merkel and others to bring in millions of Muslims in an effort to destroy European culture and create widespread conflict. It is believed that Islam will inevitably destroy western civilization, the collapse of which will bring about the Jewish Messiah.

It seems that Evangelical Christians like Enzi agree with this theory, however Enzi and others believe it wont be the Jewish Messiah, but the second coming of Christ.

It is troubling that U.S. Senators like Wyoming’s Mike Enzi would take such a stance. Allowing dangerous Muslim terrorists into the United States surely will wreak havoc on our culture and society. Republicans should remain loyal patriots to the people of the United States. Putting radical religious views in front of the interests of the public borders on treason and will surely reap chaos.


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