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Incumbent Governor Rick Scott (R.) of Florida faces a tough race this election cycle against challenger Andrew Gillum (D). Rick Scott, who has overseen one of the worst public health crises in Florida’s history, has championed industry and jobs for his economy. As Gillum catches up in the polls, Scott has been caught red-handed taking a one million $1m illegal campaign contribution from none other than the liberal demagogue and aristocratic tyrant, George Soros.

The money bolsters Governor Scott’s chances at re-election; however, the money comes with a cost. Scott has agreed to use his office to further Soros’s corrupt agenda. Scott will reportedly expand no-strings-attached welfare programs for the state’s worst drug addicts. Additionally, illegal aliens will be eligible for the same welfare programs. Soros is using Scott’s desperation for re-election to further his liberal agenda that is corrupting and bankrupting America.

The welfare programs threaten to strain Florida’s budget. Florida will no doubt raise taxes on its hardworking citizens to bankroll handouts to drug addicts and illegal aliens.

During his last term, Governor Scott got rid of liberal regulations on the environment and business, helping corporate business expand inside of the state. While this has created jobs and helped Florida recover from its most recent round of hurricanes, it has also created public health crises as pollution levels have risen to astronomical levels in recent years.

Democrat Andrew Gillum is using this to attack Governor Rick Scott.

A self-described socialist, Gillum is using public outrage to oust Scott. Scott, feeling the pressure, is betraying the Republican Party and his own voters by taking Soros money to stay in power. With Soros sticking his ugly nose into this election, it is clear that whether it is Gillum, or so called “Republican” Rick Scott, Florida voters lose. Florida should look forward to bankruptcy and chaos as socialism spreads its influence into the Republican Party in Florida.


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